Date: 3th December 2020 |

Give a Helping Hand to those Who Need it
Help children proverty and safe environment
Childrens are going hungry around the world
Donate Food for the poor people and children

Project Annadaan:

Eminent singer Mohit Chauhan and his team Nivesh and Buddh Jyoti Foundation have joined hands for project Anndaan to reach out to the people in need.

Under the Project Annadaan Nivesh and BJF will be distributing daily need essential ration to the needy families.

Mohit Chauhan and team Nivesh have been raising funds for wide ranging needs of the people and frontline workers including police and essential services going through the pandemic. BJF has partnered IBC in its Care with Prayer Initiative which is a massive Covid Aid program covering India and Nepal. Through the program thousands of Oxygen Concentrators, cylinders, Ventilators, PPEs have been sent to all parts of India and also Nepal. Besides, relief mission BJF focuses on rural and skill development, education, cultural preservation and supporting the underprivileged. Together, Nivesh and BJF have a strong pan - India network to reach out to the needy in real time.

As rural India and remote regions of our country is currently facing the worst of the pandemic and resultant job loss, health and hunger issues, Nivesh and BJF have undertaken Project Annadaan to assist the needy with basic needs of daily sustainence.

As part of the project a ration & health kit will be distributed per family. It will comprise of dry ration, sanitary napkins, masks, gloves, sanitisers, soap etc.

Nivesh and BJF are simultaneously working on supporting the covid patients and their families.

Help the many people in Need donation

BJF Covid-19 Relief Distribution

BJF extending support to the marginalized, these activities involve the distribution of Ration Relief Kits, Oxygen Concentrators, Personal Protective Equipment Kits, Masks, Nourishment Supplements, Cloths, etc.


Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Cylinder




Mask N95




Hygiene Kits