Date: 3th December 2020 |

Give a Helping Hand to those Who Need it
Help children proverty and safe environment
Childrens are going hungry around the world
Donate Food for the poor people and children

Care with Prayer:

Care with Prayer is an initiative of International Buddhist Confederation (IBC) for mobilizing sponsored aid by organizations and individuals worldwide to help people in India and Nepal during this pandemic.

Buddhajyoti Foundation (BJF) has joined hands with IBC in this noble endeavor and humanitarian mission of reaching out to the needy.

Together we are doing our bit to supplement the enormous efforts of the Government, local administration, national and international relief agencies. Towards this we are rushing critical lifesaving equipment, protective material, medicines to hospitals, emergency Covid Care Centres, primary health centers in villages, Oxygen banks, ambulance services, institutions and organisations on the ground providing medicare and food distribution to the needy in lockdown.

BJF team of dedicated volunteers is working 24x7 pan India and Nepal as a link enabling Aid items received through our network and partner organizations to reach the recipients in the fastest time possible.

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BJF Covid-19 Relief Distribution

BJF extending support to the marginalized, these activities involve the distribution of Ration Relief Kits, Oxygen Concentrators, Personal Protective Equipment Kits, Masks, Nourishment Supplements, Cloths, etc.


Oxygen Concentrator


Oxygen Cylinder




Mask N95




Hygiene Kits