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Give a Helping Hand to those Who Need it
Help children proverty and safe environment
Childrens are going hungry around the world
Donate Food for the poor people and children

Cultural exchange :

1. Northeast India Conclave 2011

For the first time, a conclave exclusively focusing on India's entire North Eastern region was organized in the National Capital on November 6, 2011.

Dignitaries attended the conclave; the inauguration was done by Hon'ble Chief Guest, Union Minister for State for Water Resource Development, Mr Vincent H. Pala, and Former Director of the Intelligence Bureau and prestigious Kirti Chakra awardee Mr Ajit Doval.

We are proud to have participated in such an event, dealing with India's northeastern part. It also dealt with the indo-china relationship.

2. All India Buddhist Conglomeration

Organizer: Ashoka Mission, Venue: - Ashoka Hotel, New Delhi

BJF actively participated in defining how Buddhism can positively contribute to establishing peace and harmony among religions and communities and minimizing environmental degradation and economic disparity through a non-violent, environment friendly and sustainable development model based on the principles of right livelihood.

We establish close relationships between the various Buddhist traditions and communities by sharing and exchanging knowledge and wisdom and creating a united voice against violence, injustice and immorality.

We discussed developing an interactive forum for scholars and practitioners to define collective action plans to promote peace, stability and prosperity throughout the world.

Encouraging increased dialogue between the modern scientific community and Buddhist contemplative traditions so that other means of preserving and promoting Buddhist practices and their inner sciences can be found. Based on this, bringing Mindfulness into Education will be a point of exceptional focus.


BJF, with the support of Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh and the Ministry of Culture in association with various other cultural organization, organized "Lo-sar 2139 (Water Dragon Year) – Trans Himalayan Festival" on February 25, 2012, at Vishwa Shanti Stupa & Indraprashtha Millennium Park.

Across the Himalayan region of our country, extending from Arunachal Pradesh till Ladakh, the initial ten days of the 1st month of the Lunar Calendar is celebrated as LO –SAR, literally meaning advent of New Year. The year 2012 marks New Year "LO-SAR 2139 (WATER DRAGON YEAR)".

Around 1500 people across Delhi turned on the day and participated in all the three category activities of the day with great enthusiasm and zeal. The event was a great success.

Education :

Education plays a significant role in everyone's life; it can lead to innumerable heights of success. Children are the future citizens and changemakers; therefore, they should be provided with an equal platform for education.

BJF in association with Matrika Foundation, have helped provide around 428 students free education and related amenities like books, pencils, pens, uniform, shoes, etc.

Our main aim is to provide equal opportunity for all the deprived children because of their socio-economic status.


Chyawanprash Distribution (Location: Loni, Ghaziabad)

At BJF, we believe a healthy body and mind is the best shelter for a good education; considering the health of underprivileged children studying in the school, we distributed chyawanprash to help them improve their physical and mental development make their immune stronger.

Location: Guna, Madhya Pradesh

We distributed new clothes and food supplements to underprivileged children.


BJF and its partner organizations have expressed their solidarity with those less fortunate during this global crisis and have helped cater to N-95 Masks, Sanitizers, Oxygen Concentrators, PPE kits, Steamers, oximeters etc.

Free homecooked meaks, dry rations and nourishment supplements have been provided to covid affected patients and their families throughout lockdown.

Hygiene related amenities have been distributed to the needy such as towels, soaps, clean clothes etc.

Livelihood :

Buddh Jyoti Foundation, in association with Matrika Foundation and Jai Gurudev Manav Kalyan Seva Shiksha Samiti, had put their arms together and helped out the rural area families with their basic necessities.

The men go out for work, but the women sit back at home and do nothing due to lack of capital and home responsibilities.

BJF helped provide these women with a learning platform to enable themselves and have more employment opportunities. They provided training for stitching, harvesting, cultivating farms, wood carving, and computer education.

Buddh Jyoti Foundation has helped raise peoples lives to an extent.

The NGO had also organized camps to spread awareness about cleanliness, family planning, HIV Aids, dairy farming, tree plantation, child labour, water management, education, and social service.

Health Camps

BLOOD DONATION CAMP (Location: - Mauranipur / New Delhi)

Mauranipur is a small town located 60 km away from Jhansi. Buddh Jyoti Foundation, in association with Mauranipur Jaycee, an NGO, organized a Blood Donation Camp for the underprivileged in the district. The NGO also provided counselling to the people regarding when and where to donate blood and how lives can be saved with just a little gesture that can go a long way. Townfolks who had to travel long distances for blood in case of urgency will surely get some relief.


Location: - Mauranipur

People say Eyes are the windows to the soul, and vision is the most important gift of god to any living being. It adds colour to life. But due to negligence, unhygienic practices and lack of awareness leads to various infections of the eyes and eventually to more prominent ailments. Cataract affects a considerable part of the population, especially the older generation.

To restrict the disease, BJF, in association with Mauranipur Jaycee, is working on the mission of proper eyesight in Mauranipur.

This Eye Camp can handle the various infections related to the eye and give immediate treatment to the patients involved. Also, the Ophthalmologists/ Eye Specialists provided advice about the care of eyes one needs to keep for healthy eyesight. Around 128 cataract operations have been performed on people who cannot afford the treatment.

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BJF Covid-19 Relief Distribution

BJF extending support to the marginalized, these activities involve the distribution of Ration Relief Kits, Oxygen Concentrators, Personal Protective Equipment Kits, Masks, Nourishment Supplements, Cloths, etc.




Oxygen Cylinder




Mask N95




Hygiene Kits